About the blog and the man behind it

In this blog I will focus on sportsjournalism and how the media covers, reacts and even impacts the sportsworld with their stories and reports. I’m not quite sure how many sports I will cover, but I feel certain that it will at least include soccer and the NBA.

My name is Thomas Bløndal and I’m a 21 year old Norwegian communications major at Pace University. I have always loved both doing and watching sports. I have a backgrounds in a variety of sports like kickboxing, mountain climbing, soccer, tennis etc, but European handball was the sport I got the furthest in. After I finished highschool I spent a semester in Bali, Indonesia gettning my personal trainer and fitness instructor license. Straight after that I went into the Royal Norwegian Air Force and served my time there. After the military I worked as a personal trainer in my hometown before I started studing at Pace University. I’m taking my degree in the US mainly to be able to work as a journalist around the globe. My dream is to become a sportsjournalist and travel around the world to cover the biggest sports events such as the Olympics and the World Cup.


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