Secret voting makes room for speculations

This weekend the Premier League and the Championship team of the year was revealed, the teams are selected by English sports journalist, and I’m not the only one some questioning some of the picks made by the British press.

In the Premier League team of the year two names left out by the British press comes to mind immediately, Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fàbregas and Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero. Fàbregas being the league leader in assists this season with 16, six more then second place, and Agüero being the top scorer this season with 21 goals.

I think especially Fàbregas deserved a place on the team, not only leading in assists, but also being one of the most important pieces on the team that looks to win the league this season. Instead of Fàbregas they put Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, who stands with “only” four goals and four goals, compared to Fàbregas three goals and 16 assists.

And in the Championship team of the year is lacking the player, voted by the same reporters, which received the player of the season award, Patrick Bamford. Patrick Bamford is a English midfielder loaned out to Middleborough from Chelsea and I think deservedly won the player of the season award, but he still got left out of the team of the year, I am one of the many that doesn’t understand the logic behind that.

I don’t know exactly which reporters votes on the players, but I really like the idea that Bill Simmons had for the NBA voting, which he wrote in his book “The Book of Basketball,” that the reporters voting should be made public. That will make the reporters voting have to defend their picks.

I don’t know, but having Coutinho on the Premier League of the year makes me wonder if there has been a number of Liverpool based reporters giving to high scores to that player. Every year it just seems there is always one or two picks that no one following the sport closely understands. So I would really much like that the voters and their pics should be made public, not only in football, but in all sports. It will make the voters more conscious on their picks and maybe take away some of the “controversy” surrounding these awards.


One thought on “Secret voting makes room for speculations

  1. Very interesting post Thomas! This is a definitely a problem in any sport when it comes to voting for players for All-Star leagues or anything of that nature. One can’t help but question certain picks and it makes you wonder whats really going on behind the scenes. Making these votes public might be able to take away from that mystery so it might be worth trying out.


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