Charity match extravaganza part 1

Steven Gerrard Photo by: Biser Todorov  CC BY-SA 4.0

Steven Gerrard
Photo by: Biser Todorov
CC BY-SA 4.0

After a football player has been in the same club for ten or more seasons straight the club has the option to give that player a testimonial match. . A testimonial match is seen as a great honor for the player, and is a token of gratitude and respect from the club he has served. A testimonial match is usually the honored players club filled with current and former players from that club versus some other club, or it can be two teams just filled with a mixture of current and retired players from all over, but either way all the proceeds goes towards the player’s selected charity. Testimonial matches are often held at either the end of a season (May/June) or just before the start of a new one (August).

On Saturday Liverpool player Steven Gerrard got his testimonial, after serving Liverpool for the last 17 years. Gerrard announced he is leaving Liverpool after this season to come play for the MLS team Los Angeles Galaxy earlier this year. The two teams, Gerrard XI and Carragher XI, consisted of current Liverpool players, former Liverpool players and a handful of current and former Premier League players. The reason the match was played now and not until after the season ends is because it is a league break this week, meaning players called up to play for their national team is away, so it was a good time to host the testimonial.


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